Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dhanaulti history


Location: Uttaranchal
Distance: Approximately 325 km from Delhi
Altitude: Around 2286 m
Main Attractions: Barehipani-Joranda Falls, Dashavatar Temple, Deogarh Fort
Best Time to Visit: April to June and November to February

Situated amidst misty and dreamy surroundings, in the Garhwal Hiils, is the pictorial town of Dhanaulti. The lush greenery, comprising of soaring tress of deodar, rhododendron and oak, makes the hill station look like a painting created by Almighty himself. The serenity and solitude in which Dhanaulti Hills abound serve as one of the major attractions of the travel and tourism industry of the state. The pleasant weather of the hill resort, which boasts of cool breezes, warm sunlight and moderate temperatures, adds to its lure. The hills surrounding it offer amazing views of their sun-capped peaks, covered amidst hazy mist. In short, if you want to take a break from the mundane life, Dhanaulti Hills of Uttaranchal is just the place for you! .......

Dhanaulti Tourist Attractions

Sarkunda Devi
Sarkunda Devi Temple is situated at a distance of hardly 7 km from Dhanaulti town. For reaching the temple, one has to undertake a trek of around 2 km, however the magnificent views one can see from up there, makes the climb worth it.

Barehipani and Joranda Falls
Barehipani and Joranda Falls are counted amongst the most popular attractions of Dhanaulti. The height of the former is around 400 m, while the latter comes cascading down from an altitude of 150 m.

Chanderi town, located on the hills, is known for having excellent monuments based on Rajput and Sultanate architectural styles. Amongst the most splendid monuments in Chanderi are Koshak Mahal, the Badal mahal, Victory Arch, Jama Masjid and ancient Jain temples.

Dashavatar Temple
Dashavatar Temple, belonging to the time of the Gupta Empire, is the earliest known Panchyatan temple in North India. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple boasts of terraced basement, adorned with skillfully sculpted panels. On the doorway of the sanctum sanctorum, one finds the carvings of Ganga and Yamuna. The side-walls have 3 carved panels depicting Vaishnava mythology.

Deogarh Fort
Deogarh Fort is one of the most popular edifices in the area and dates back to the 16th century. The fort comprises of a number of striking palaces, ornamented with frescoes, and impressive Jain temples.

Jain Temples
There are as many as 31 Jain temples situated inside the Kanali fort, on the Dhanaulti Hills. The place served as a Jain center from the 6th to the 17th century and this is when the temples were built. The temples stands festooned with panels depicting scenes from Jain mythology, Tirthankara images, votive pillars, votive tablets, Jain images and pillars carved with a thousand Jain figures.

Matatila Dam
Matatila Dam is a popular picnic spot situated amidst Dhanaulti hills. The scenic views, lush gardens and water-sports options serve as the major attractions of the dam.

Pradhanpat hill is known for its exquisite beauty and a gushing waterfall, which seems cascading down with all its force.

Though there are not too many accommodation options in Dhanaulti, there is no dearth of accommodation places either. Apart from the hotels, the hill resort also boasts of a Tourist Bungalow and a Forest Rest House.


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